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CPN Solutions is an IT Support Company that offers a complete range of IT Solutions. Service offering answers to both home and business needs. Expertise as an IT Support Company with more than 10 years of experience, has established CPN Solutions as a leading player in IT Support in the Standerton area.

CPN Solutions methodology is simple... Diagnose, Treat & Maintain. A healthy IT system is key to the successful operation of any company. If the IT system is unstable, business efficiency is affected adversely, costing you time and money.

CPN Solutions offers a comprehensive range of Hardware and Software products from all the leading vendors. Skilled and experienced personal are able to assist in determining the correct hardware and software to meet customer requirements.  CPN Solutions to align its software and hardware proposal with its customers’ requirements, and not to propose top of the range , all the while providing scalability where needed.

We service and repair a sizeable range of printers. It is advisable to service your printer regularly to avoid high repair costs in the long run. Don't wait until it's too late, service your printer today!

We do it all …and Fast!

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